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Carl Obereisenbuchner

468 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Severin , Jonathan Sieber , Carl Obereisenbuchner 468 days ago
  • e.g. Reichelt "AV 09-00" (Bohrdurchmesser 19mm)
  • Normal panel buttons
  • e.g. "MAR 5000.0104" (Bohrdurchmesser 16mm)
  • Salt Master
Jonathan S Software Installation
  • Software architecture 
Central server
  • Setup Raspberry Clients
  • Tarball of Janus installation
  • Build reference image
  • Customization
  • WiFi Connection
  • VPN IP Address
  • Adressbook Information (About Space etc.)
  • Test video connection components manually
Task: Peer VPN
  • Test and configure working PeerVPN configuration
  • Decide on IP scheme, network name, PSK
  • networkname EWindowMunich
  • psk phahturaet1cahD3xoh0iaghie2toocaeWe9Thaicoh2tei7eing2ohjuo1eiYoT7Shahdeitor8Aijoh6aichieShietaBah4Eengai0Ein6caikea3Aex9Uw9doc2E
  • initpeers ewindow.munichmakerlab.de 7777
Peter F Task: Implement room manager
  • connect to mqtt
  • endpoint ew/rooms/get
  • give out leases for rooms
  • garbage collection over janus API? 
  • publish state
Jonathan S
  • Start/Stop Janus
  • control UV4L
  • handle mqtt calls (see diagram) 
Jonathan S Janus Build
see $GIT/janus/build.sh
Connection Buildup Steps
  • Launch peervpn, wait for VPN connectivity
  • Run UV4L (currently happens automagically through systemd+udev)
  • Start MQTT Client
  • Start Janus / create VideoRoom
  • UV4L Join Janus VideoRoom Request
  • UV4L Stop Request
  • Kill Janus
Current Issues / Workarounds:
  • UV4L takes 20-30 seconds to build connection, about 10 seconds to quit
  • Janus/UV4L can go in bad state, where video packets are not forwarded anymore
391 days ago
Download Raspberry SD Image
Unzip the .zip, you get the .img File
lorenza@bigmagma.it install the operating system with the ewindow software installed
lorenza@bigmagma.it with windows/linux/mac:
Jonathan S Easy Alternative for beginners : Get https://etcher.io/
  • Insert SD Card
  • Start Etcher
  • Select Image (.img File)
  • Make sure SD Card is selected
  • Flash!   
Installation / First Bootup
  • Boot the Pi with the flashed SD card
  • A Dialog should appear, asking for hostname: Enter xxx.ewindow.org
  • v0.1 Image has a bug: Enter OS Shell to fix it:  
  • su
  • passwd
  • exit
  • exit 
  • Config->Update
  • go to menu->wifi->ssid: enter name of the network->password
Jonathan S
  • Select Preview and test camera view
  • Call other windows
Jonathan S
  • menu->call like fablab-munich-ewindow.org  
  • Enter the password of remote ewindow user
lorenza@bigmagma.it hei.ewindow.org password: heiewindow
Carl O werkbox3.ewindow.org password: wbewindow
dresden.ewindow.org password: ewindow
lorenza@bigmagma.it Now wait for connection, press enter to hang up

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