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Felix Tymcik

264 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Felix Tymcik 264 days ago
Felix T Multifactory Mantova - what we need
  • all sorts of tools, manual and electrical, in useable condition
  • grinder, drill, chisel, screwdriver & all sorts of keys (!)
  • more adapters italian -> schuko
  • dish drainer for the kitchen upstairs
  • clothe hangers
  • lubrication, grease, for hinges/joints
  • repair/secure existing ladder with rope, cable straps or screw
  •  toilet brush
  • bicycle(s) to get around
nice to have:
  • scooter(s)
  • cargo bike
  • e-bike(s)
  • rakes
  • cutter/pruner/secateur
  • branch clippers (loppers)
  • ladder(s) 
  • riser (rental) for one/two days?
nice to have:
  • chainsaw
  • helmet with visor & ear cuffs (security clothing??)
  • climbing equipment
  • E-Windows
see hackpad for e-windows, monitor
343 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Felix Tymcik 343 days ago
USV optional - if usability away from power plug is wished we (FabLab Munich) found one at http://www.pearl.de/mtrkw-6630-usv-unterbrechungsfreie-stromversorgungen.shtml 1

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